Last checkpoint: Soldier's Field. We just came off the gondola from Battleship Beach.

First, nonspoiler: My biggest annoyance with this game is the fucking checkpoints. I hate it in other games, I hate it here. I hate playing to get to the save point. I just want to be able to turn off the game whenever I like, ok?

spoilers follow )
I'm going to be reviving this journal for the purpose of posting essays/thoughts on the game as I play it. I will be putting it under a cut, so if you're on a spoiler blackout, do not fear!

Let me see if I remember how to MAKE a cut first?

Here's some text! )


Anyway I'm going to be linking here from Tumblr. Spoilers will be under the cut.
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And then
it was time

to drown in Starscream nostalgia again

Dear Livejournal;

Check yourself before you wreck yourself, seriously. I've gotten thirty spam comments in the past two days, and sometimes even disabling all comments on the journal doesn't stop the bots.

Seriously, I have set multiple journals to "nobody can comment" and THEY ARE STILL COMMENTING

what are you DOING LJ?
Posting it here, too

90% possibility a gift from my mother was stolen right off my doorstep. Of all the things we've had delivered--desktop computers, iPad cases, printers, an electric piano once--the first thing that gets stolen is a small gift from my mother that wasn't even very valuable.

It's POSSIBLE that it was delivered to the wrong address but reported as having gone to the right place (I checked with the post office, they said it was delivered just fine), but...

As for someone else in the apartment building having accidentally picked it up? That's REALLY unlikely. Packages routinely get left in the foyer of this building for weeks on end with no one touching them... and that makes this all the weirder. Why the hell would you steal an ordinary white USPS Priority Mail box, hand addressed, over, say, an Amazon.com package?

I've thus far put up signs in the foyer of the building and called it in to the police, but it's probably lost forever. I can't even.


Aug. 13th, 2012 01:47 pm
So I started playing a DnD game (specifically a streamlined hybrid variant of ADnD called Labyrinth Lord, I think) on Google Plus as well, and while I knew I missed the game, I hadn't realized just how MUCH I missed it. Sunday morning I started playing, and the setting is ridiculous and the people are ridiculous and we barely rolled any dice but my god I had so much fun.

I want mooooore. this is gonna be a problem.
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this esp goes out to my bros in Shard of my Soul

two hours of just

I keep asking around, but my usual social networks have been unhelpful. SO...

I want ocean inspiration people. I need (free, because broke) sources of ambient ocean sounds that I can hear on loop. Cute videos of sea animals. Not so cute videos of sea animals (SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARKS)
Cranky former fishman cleric with A DESTINY?


(posting for Bitsy's reference. Don't have spells picked yet but HEY CLERIC so I basically KNOW ALL THE SPELLS ANYWAY)

The one problem with this Shard of my Soul DnD game I'm playing is that it's making me miss the ocean like... a lot.

The irony of my life in Boston is that I live within very easy public transit distance of the water, but I have very little free time, and most of my friends aren't into outdoorsy things, and it costs money to get out to the outlying islands. Not to mention how COLD it is! It's really dreadful to swim in Massachusetts waters, they're freezing.

But I miss swimming, I miss pretending to be a mermaid (hurrr MY FAVORITE DISNEY PRINCESS WAS ARIEL, SHUT UP) and just hanging out by the water... I miss seafood (again, irony: Because I'm too poor to eat out like, ever, I never get to have seafood anymore...)

Wish I knew someone with a boat, so we could go sailing.
I'm HIDEOUSLY EXCITED about the ocean campaign with Arella and can't wait to get started

mostly because fishpeople

love fishpeople

that said though my character won't get along with ANYONE haha. He likes sharks, and is very, VERY distrustful of Aventi, for a number of reasons. Oops...

So I'm in this silly fanfiction contest under the Best Fiction and Best Overall categories, and voting ends tonight at midnight. I think I'm winning by a HAIR in the Best Fiction category, but I'm getting my bum kicked in Best Overall. I know it's just a silly fanfiction contest, but it'd mean a lot if you voted for me anyway!

My story is "Haunted" by Teal (make sure you vote for the one by Teal, there's a BUNCH named "Haunted")

Thanks a bunch! I don't think I can win in overall at this point, but voting in Fiction will cement my place in the lead.

(Seriously please vote)
(even if you're like WHAT AM KINGDOM HATS)
(do eet)
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And you can vote in it yay!

It's Kingdom Hearts based, and you don't have to go in and just vote for me if you don't know the fandom, but I thought you guys should know anyway. There's actually a bunch of great applicants, and I highly encourage voting for all your favorites, because this contest will need some exposure to work. Yay!

My entry is titled "Haunted" and listed as "by Teal." Note that there's TWO entries in the Fiction category with that title. The other one, however, is also really good, and my favorite of that bunch.



^ There is the contest
Apparently, there was a journal style NAMED teal_deer


/applies to journal
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It's almost my birthday (february 5)

Due to a lack of planning and the fact that most of my social groups in this city don't... really... intersect, and the fact that I have to work that day, I'm planning a sort of interwebs birthday party.

I asked my friend Zero if he could livestream some Rifftrax in the evening, but for most of the day besides that, I think I'm going to have a semi-open birthday party RP thread in my musebox, where people can attend in or out of character if they want.

I know it's cheesy as hell, I know it's kind of stupid but god damn it it's my birthday I'll do what I want, and what I want is to have Thor and Megatron at my birthday party. Grrr.

I am like five years old man.
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who bought me paid time? ;_; you're lovely, whoever you are, and happy new year to you too!
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Or whatever you happen to celebrate


* black leather gloves
* 3x funky knee high socks
* black and gold pashmina scarf
* 2x pants combo!!! (I REALLY NEEDED PANTS)
* native american juniper necklace and bracelet (my left wrist is getting very crowded, between rope charm I got at a con, Protomen bracelets, watch, and this)
* cylon centurion ornament
* New purse/backpack thing (it's too big, but w/e

Due to LJ's abject fuckwittery, I have created this:


As the rules say? It's for WHATEVER YOU FUCKING WANT. RP Advertisements, tutorials, whatever (wasnt there a great tutorial on how to move from LJ to DW a while back...? Someone should relink that here) memes, don't eeeeeeeeeeeeven care

Go go go. And spread it to your LJ friends, seriously, I want this out and about.
I'm really damn tired of LJ detonating, and while I use LJ primarily for RP these days, I figure I should move. So, posts will be here now! As will most of my RP shenanigans.

I actually sincerely hope that the LJ RP community moves away from LJ to other locations; it'll be interesting to see how much revenue LJ loses when they lose the RP community! My friend Olesia once figured out I think that Cape and Cowl alone brings in something like over $2000 a year (It may have been MUCH higher than that) in the form of paid accounts; and that's just one large game. Considering that many people I know get multiple paid accounts for every game they're in... that's a LOT of money LJ could lose if the RP community decides to up and leave.